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Jubilation and her not really pompadour-pompadour.

Jubilation and her not really pompadour-pompadour.


I made a comic from the mechanic/robot thing i drew a while back BUT THEN I REALIZED THAT I HAD TOO MANY THINGS I WANTED TO DRAW and i couldn’t fit it in 10 pictures and then i gave up and ended up with some small thing without any plot omfg i can’t do comics 

im sorry that it is an OBNOXIOUSLY LONG POST but it’s easier to read this way  i thin k /  



Never get mad at someone with anxiety for apologizing a lot. It’s a coping mechanism and yelling only makes it worse. They don’t need tough love or anything like that. Reassurance that they are fine is the most important thing

I agree 100% with the ‘no yelling’ policy.  In addition to this, there is another perspective to add:  Hearing constant apologies can raise anxiety as well.  

 Hearing someone saying ‘sorry’ all the time can make you feel like you are the bad guy.  The person who is somehow hurting the person you care deeply for and eliciting apologies.   It is anxiety-inducing and takes up a lot of energy to constantly keep reassuring someone that you aren’t angry, hurt, offended, it’s fine, you weren’t even thinking about that at all, they’re fine etc.  It’s a fabricated assumption on the apologizer’s part that’s been imposed onto you - and that in and of itself is difficult to manage if you are trying to support them.

What a lot of people with anxiety don’t realize is that they aren’t the only ones with anxiety.  Other people have anxiety as well - and yes, most people refuse to acknowledge or understand it within themselves (they fear personal weakness), and so they get angry.  

But imagine you have anxiety and your friend is constantly apologizing to you because she also has (a different type of) anxiety and that makes your anxiety levels rise because no matter how much you say ‘it’s okay, you’re fine’, your words don’t seem to matter and the apologies keep happening. So you start to think ‘omg why is she always apologizing to me? Am I mistreating her? Am I being awful?? I’m horrible to the person I love, and making her apologize to me I am terrible!!!’ and so you get hella anxious and freeze up and get defensive,  and then she can feel that and she starts to apologize even MORE and…it’s a vicious downward spiral.

Empathy goes both ways, as does communication. 

Me describing the fact I have a lot of female-bodied/female-identifying characters:
"It’s a taco Tuesday party all the time."

To be fair it was after someone else talking about a sausage fest.

Nice and cleared out. *U*

She: A Reflection on Pronouns 


Below is just a little rant/ramble/thought process that has been rattling in my mind for awhile now. 

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A ramble on sexuality, since I wrote one about my gender earlier, and now this is in my ears.

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The Mundane and the Mystic: La Character Rambles 


Rambles beneath the cut. May include references to character relationships, multiple versions of them, and general Laura idiocy. 

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30 Day Character Adventurerama 


I am issuing a challenge to all of my friends and followers, and anyone who is interested in participating. 

The 30 Day Character Adventurerama is something I am just making up on the fly; however, it is for brand new characters or old characters you’d like to work on. The idea does not have to be completed in 30 consecutive days; however, it is to focus on only one character.

The idea behind the 30 Day Character Adventurerama is to force the artist/creator to work on explicating and/or drawing one character for 30 days—forcing them to draw them in new and unusual ways, to talk about things they might not usually. 

Below the cut are two lists—one is 30 ways to draw your character for 30 days, while the other is 30 questions. You can tackle one or both. If you participate, please create a side blog for it, or tag it with ‘30 Day Character Adventurerama.’ 

While the Adventurerama invites you to learn more about your character, it also invites your followers and friends to see more about them than you might usually reveal. 

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30 Drawing Challenges

  1. Just Your Character (Draw them in their everyday, typical outfit.)
  2. Pajama Party! (Draw your character in pajamas, if they wear any.)
  3. Day on the Beach or Underwear (Sure, your character might not go surfing or swimming, but then just draw them in their tighty whities.)
  4. Out on the Town~ (Draw your character in something fance-smancy.)
  5. Extreme Emotion!! (Distress, overwrought with joy—push those facial features.)
  6. Damn—not a good day (Draw your character with the crap beat out of them.)
  7. Mmmm! Delicious (Draw your character with their favourite food.)
  8. Contortions and puzzles~ (Draw your character in a yoga pose, or contorted—maybe try a handstand? Flex your muscles to pose your character.)
  9. Love you lots! (Draw your character with someone they love—romantic, sexual, or merely platonic love (you can even draw them chilling with a pet!))
  10. We are family~ (Draw your character with a family member.)
  11. Take me out to the ball game! (Draw your character in a sporting outfit of some sort—even if they don’t play sports, even if they hate sports. :’B)
  12. One colour! (Draw your character and colour them with a monochrome palette—tell us why your chose that colour for them.)
  13. A flower crown (Give your character a flower crown—what will you base their flowers on? A personality trait? A flower for luck?)
  14. Brr it’s cold outside! (Draw your character bundled up! Does your character even bundle up? Show us how they beat the snow and ice.)
  15. Press Start and Go! (Draw your character in a classic Fantasy RPG class (Mage, Thief, et cetra)—have fun dressing them up!)
  16. Style Change! (Draw your character in another distinctive style (Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, MLP, et cetra).
  17. Heavenly Sinful (Draw your character as an angel or a demon. ;3)
  18. Draw your character doing something they enjoy! (Video games, skiing, punching things—draw your character doing something fun!)
  19. Mythological Creature Time! (Draw your character as a creature from lore and legend—a harpy? A centaur? Qilin? Whatever! Your choice. C:)
  20. Opposite Day (Draw your character in something they would never wear.)
  21. Kigurumi Fun (Put your character in a kigurumi of their favourite animal or an animal that represents them)
  22. Genre Swap (If your character is not a Pokemon trainer—draw them as that, or maybe draw them as a bender from the Avatar universe. Whatever it is—take them from their original context and put them into something new!)
  23. Age Up (Draw your character older!)
  24. Age Down (Now, do the opposite—draw your character as a kid)
  25. Got the flu :C (Draw your character green around the gills—make them ill and make us feel the flu.)
  26. Draw your character relaxing (Whether it is reading a book or sipping some tea—draw your character taking it easy)
  27. Steal Someone Else’s Clothes! (Draw your character wearing another character’s outfit (can be a canonical character from another work or just another character in the Adventurerama challenge—or whatever you prefer!)
  28. Back to the Beach or Underwear (Whatever you didn’t do earlier—swimwear or underwear, it is time to do now!)
  29. You’re a clown! (Draw your character in something bright and silly.)
  30. Your choice! (You’ve made it 30 days—show off your character however you’d like to.)

30 Character Questions

  1. Tell us the basics of your character—who are they, how old are they, and just a bit about them (where do they come from, et cetra). 
  2. Tell us what your character was like as a child and briefly what their childhood was like. 
  3. Let’s delve deeper! What was your character’s relationship to their parents as a kid? What’s their relationship to them now? Has it changed much? Not at all?
  4. If not family, what about friends? Who was their best friend as a kid? Are they still close? Who is their current besty? 
  5. What was your character’s favourite food as a child? What is their favourite food now? Tell us about a memory concerning food that sticks with them. 
  6. What is one embarrassing memory your character has? Does it still bother them? Are other people allowed to bring it up? Can they laugh at the memory? 
  7. What is a memory that brings your character absolute joy? Do they ever return to the memory when they are upset? What is it about the memory that makes them so happy? 
  8. Does fashion matter to your character? How do they dress? How do they shop for clothing? Do they have any particular piece of clothing that is especially meaningful to them?
  9. Does your character believe in astrology? What’s their astrological sign? What do they think about it? Have they actually ever thought about it before?
  10. Does your character celebrate their birthday? What are their thoughts on birthdays? What was their last birthday like?
  11. What would your character’s tumblr or twitter be like? What would they post about? Would they remember to post? What would their pseudo username be? 
  12. What is something your character is dying to say? Who would they say it to? Why haven’t they said it?
  13. Who is someone extremely important in your character’s life? Are they a family member or a friend? Have you already talked about them? What makes them one of the most important people to your character?
  14. What is your character’s sexual orientation? What is their romantic orientation? Do they think about the differences between sexual and romantic orientation? Are they aware of those sorts of things? Do the put much stock into those labels? Have they ever? 
  15. Did your character go to school? How much formal education does your character have? Did they enjoy the education they received? 
  16. What was your character’s first pet? Is that pet still with them? Have they ever had a pet? 
  17. If your character was in the Avatar the Last Airbender universe—what sort of bending powers would your character have? Or would they have any bending at all? (Or, if you’re not an AtLA fan—what is an element you associate with your character?)
  18. What is a mythological creature your associate with your character? Why?
  19. What is your character’s favourite colour? Do they have a particular reason for this?
  20. What colour do you associate most with your character? Why do you associate that colour with them?
  21. What sort of music does your character enjoy? What sort drives them up a wall? Does your character play any musical instruments? 
  22. Tell us about a talent your character has—can they draw well? Are they a talented storyteller? Or are they just really good at hopscotch? 
  23. What sort of shoes does your character like? Are they a fan of bare feet? What about boots? 
  24. What sort of climate is your character used to? If they were transported to a very different climate, what would their reaction be? How well-equipped would they be to change and adapt?
  25. What is your character’s relationship to faith or religion? Do they practice any particular faith? Do they believe in a higher power? Where did this relationship to such things come from (were they raised a certain religion)?
  26. If your character was suddenly placed in a classic style Fantasy RPG (ie: Final Fantasy, Fire Emblem, et cetra)—what class would they be? Why?
  27. How would your character survive an apocalyptic event? Would they? 
  28. Does your character have a favourite flower? Are they even aware of flowers and nature? 
  29. Tell us about a hobby of your characters—do they enjoy relaxing and playing video games? Are they a fan of gardening? 
  30. Tell us something about your character you have been dying to tell us the entire adventure! Share something surprising and new.

Just so I have all of the read below, in case something happens to the first post.